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        Corporate Policies

        Quality Policy

        • CEI Pte Ltd aims to be a world class manufacturing-services company.
        • Our number one objective is Total Customer Satisfaction
        • Commitment to comply with quality requirement to achieve Efficiency & Effectiveness of QMS
        • Responsibility of every Individual to achieving Continual Improvement of organizational excellence
        • The company is committed to ensure the effective implementation of the quality management system in meeting customer and regulatory requirements.

        Environmental Policy

        We are committed to make our activities and operations the most environmental friendly ways to protect & conserve the environment.
        To achieve this, we shall: -

        • Comply with applicable environmental legislations and regulations relevant to our activities and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.
        • Promote the efficient use of materials, resources and energy and minimize waste generation.
        • Continually improve & promote environmental awareness & responsibility among employees through communication & training.