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        Semiconductor Test & Handling Solutions

        In 2021, CEI Limited joined AEM Holdings. AEM is a global leader in application-specific intelligent system test and handling solutions for semiconductor and electronics companies serving the advanced computing, 5G, and AI markets.

        AEM provides the most comprehensive semiconductor and electronics test solutions in wafer and chip handling, process automation, and mixed-signal testing through its innovative test solutions. CEI's assembly and box build capabilities enhance AEM's position in delivering full-stack capabilities and customized test cell offerings. Along with AEM's development in optoelectronics and software development in data analytics and machine learning, AEM is set to redefine test through its Test Cell Solutions Business and Instrumentation Business.

        Explore AEM's portfolio of application-specific solutions here. Click this for Details

        Learn more about AEM's vision for A Zero Failure World. Click this for Details