Something has happened in your life. A changed has occurred. The trigger has been pulled. Now, you seek the answers... or is that a little too dramatic? Some would call the feeling you’re experiencing right now an ‘awakening’, as it quite accurately describes the path you now wish to venture down.

Whether you’re battling with your own body image or you have trust issues and are unsure on how best to move forward, keep one thing at the forefront of your mind - this is your awakening. By selecting this book today as your choice of reading material, over a gossip magazine or a riveting crime-thriller, you’re understanding the importance of making changes in your life. You’ve come to the realisation that something needs to change in order to move forward, grow and in the end, live a happier life.

Be under no misconception, what you are suffering with, whether it be a problem in your relationship or anxiety, are perfectly normal, natural instances that occur. After all, we’re only human. That said, though they are perfectly normal and natural aspects of life, they should not go untreated. Much like if you were suffering with a progressive illness or condition, you wouldn’t just sit at home ignoring it rather than seeking treatment, what you are suffering with now should be no different. Just because it’s emotionally debilitating rather than in a physical sense, it doesn’t make it any less important. The mind and soul are just as crucial in leading a happy, healthy life as your body.

Remember that your awakening is your first crucial step in making positive changes in your life - and should be your first indication that you’re stronger than you initially believed you could be, which should hopefully push you to continue with your self-care journey.

If there is anything you take from this book, it should be that you’re stronger than you think and if you want to make changes in your life, you’re more than capable of doing so and in the end, lead a happier life.

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